Teaching teenagers and young adults the skills, attitudes and behaviours that they need to succeed in education and in life

    Coaching and mentoring programmes for schools/colleges/universities

    This equipped2succeed programme has been designed to address the needs of young people who demonstrate attitudes, thinking and behaviours that present barriers to achievement and attainment, and are in an environment that doesn’t support high aspirations. Contact us for more course info.

  • MOTIVATIONAL TALKS - Assemblies, events and conferences. 

    These are some of topics that are available for Schools, Private and Corporate clients. For churches or charitable organisations, when completing the form please make clear that you are a church or charity as discounted rates are available.
  •     TEENPRENEUR - Enterprise workshops, talks and events

    We’re giving teens an opportunity to learn the ABCs of entrepreneurship and apply those techniques to craft a viable business plan. With veteran entrepreneurs to serve as instructors, we guarantee an enriching, motivating experience that will help transform young minds into major players.

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We all live in a “story” about who we are, how the world works, and what we’re able to do. These are very real to us, but they’re made up. We made them up a long time ago as we gave meaning to the events, obstacles and circumstances in our life, especially those that got reinforced time and time again. 

These obstacles can be the turning points in our life. What happens is, we come face to face with an obstacle and our current stories and strategies are not powerful enough to get us across the obstacle or difficult challenge we’re facing. My definition of obstacle is ‘opportunity for growth’.

I have had to face many obstacles during my journey from being a street gang member to becoming an inspirational coach helping teens to overcome their obstacles and stop from self destructing.


Some of my life’s experiences have been shared in my first published book ‘From the Post Code to the Globe - How to overcome limitations and realise your potential’


An experienced and trained transformational Leadership and Executive Coach, Professional Speaker and Minister. Experienced in creating and implementing Leadership development workshops and coaching programmes for young people, leaders in education, churches and in the private sector. Consistently improving all-round performance by shining light on the unique challenges that clients face in their lives or business and by delivering actionable and sustainable solutions to these challenges. 

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